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Change – What are You Afraid of?

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In the world of work, we all have our goals and aspirations. Whether it be to eventually reach a top executive role, running large teams or creating a product that will expand to an international scale. How do we get to these levels? There’s no straight or direct answer to this question. Nonetheless, there is one inevitable reality. Change.

The famous quote from George Bernard Shaw “Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”. If you feel like you’ve hit a dead end in your position or aren’t excited to go to work or perhaps haven’t felt that same fire within you to overcome adversity, change is likely to be the solution.

Everyone has a different situation, unique to their lives.

The first step is to review the situation in its objective form. What exactly is the negative reality? What are the possible solutions and how can those solutions be implemented? Create a list of simple questions that overlook your situation and based on the information, create a plan of action.

Action is key to implement change. Through action, the motion is set. The goal is in clear view and that is the destination. With this plan there will be certain situations that may feel uncomfortable due to the reality of the change. Feeling uncomfortable is a good sign of active change. Your mind is telling you “You’re doing something different, I’m going to try and bring you back to your comfort zone”. At this point, it’s easy to fall into temptation and the familiar. Barriers must be pushed down, and follow-through must be executed. Overall change is only achieved through experimenting with new tools, ideas, strategies, and going to places (physically and figuratively) where one never thinks to go.

To tie it all together within the plan of action, it must contain your ultimate goal. Whatever the goal is, it cannot be lost throughout the efforts of change. Implement strategies that feel right to you and do not let temporary adversity destroy your vision.

Be Present | Have Purpose.

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