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Employee Engagement – What is it and why does it matter?

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Employee engagement is extremely important for an organization’s success. An organization’s product or service will only bring the company’s success to a certain point. To lay it out simply, without happy employees, the potential for success is limited.

Employee engagement is all about passion and true significance one experiences within their role in an organization. An engaged employee is motivated, committed, and interested in their work. Employee engagement can be broken up into five factors : Power, Information, Knowledge, Skills, and Rewards.

Who doesn’t enjoy some responsibility with decision making? Giving power to an individual with regard to their work will allow them to make conscious decisions that will affect their team and organization. This in turn stimulates the mind of the employee, encouraging them to expand their thoughts through reflection. Power is not exclusive to management and executives, it can be asked of from any level. From simply asking an employee’s opinion and showing that it is valued can be considered giving power.

Information is essential. Without key information how is an individual expected to make an important decision? The goal here is to provide information in a fluid flow. Regardless of the size of the organization, if the company perfects this flow of information, engagement levels will increase. This can be realized through proper communication practices and leadership.

There are different types of people. Some enjoy doing the same tasks over and over; with the outcome clearly defining their purpose. Others require constant development to feed their growth. In general, we all enjoy feeling productive and experiencing that growth. It’s a huge part of human nature and as a society. If an employee is feeling disengaged, perhaps it can benefit them to inquire about professional development. Exploring the organization’s training programs will allow them to learn new skills or sharpen their already existing skills to drive efficiency and productivity.

Now,  one of the main reasons we go to work. Reward for our efforts. One undeniable factor to providing engagement to our employees is through a proper reward system. Too often do we see organizations that offer below average salaries and nearly non-existent external compensation such as seasonal bonuses, merit increases, insurance plans, etc. Management in these organizations can expect to see large gaps in engagement versus their competitors. It’s extremely important to pin-point methods increasing rewards whether it be in monetary form, perks, or recognition for achievements.

Remember, a happy employee will create a happy environment, creating a positive vibe to customers. We all share the same energy and we all attract each other through this energy. Do not let your employees feel disengaged. Create purpose through action and appreciation.

Be Present | Have Purpose.

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