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Internships – The Importance

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Internships are extremely important for students and aspiring professionals. We live in a society and workforce where experience is of top requirements. Every year, newly graduated students enter the workforce… or do they?

It has been advised by the government, family members, and employers to acquire the necessary educational credentials to successfully land a job. Unfortunately, this isn’t the full reality.

More and more employers are constantly seeking individuals with a combination of university level education and the added experience within the appropriate field. Many students aren’t aware of the fact that it’s absolutely necessary to know exactly what career path they believe will satisfy their needs and overall quality of life.

Internships, although generally not paid have many benefits attached to them. Internships allow the individual to test the actual reality of the work they are pursuing, the competition involved, and it gives access to a new network of professionals. Not only does this increase the level of skills required for the role, it opens otherwise locked doors. The students who accumulate work experience throughout their studies will be the individuals with the advantage.

Internships can be pursued in a variety of ways. Some examples; simply searching on job boards (LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, etc.), entering into a Co-Op educational system (where internships are worth half the curriculum), and networking.

Interns have a key advantage. This key advantage is pure knowledge and experience. We live in a world where the workforce is developing into an ever more competitive landscape. It is highly recommended that students seek internships within their field and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. The result allows them higher probability to being chosen for an interview with combination of a smooth transition into the workforce.

Points to take:

  • Choose your desired career path
  • Network & Research
  • Feed your knowledge
  • Keep up with industry practices and developments
  • Don’t give up

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