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Talent 300 & Cedars Cancer Foundation Fundraising Event

Talent 300 held their first fundraising activity at their headquarters in Montreal.

Date and Time: July 7th, 2018, 6:30pm-10pm

Location: Talent 300 Inc., 2840 Boul. Saint-Charles, Suite 300, Kirkland

Showcasing Cedars Cancer Foundation’s overall purpose to improve the lives of many affected by cancer. Talent 300 took part in raising funds for Dr. Popradi’s Oncology Fund.

Dr. Popradi’s work and efforts has improved countless lives throughout their battle with cancer. Her team and overall research has provided the necessary care to undergo the extreme process endured each day by her patients. Dr. Popradi had a huge impact in our lives and to thank her for her gift, we held this event. We cannot describe our gratefulness for her efforts.

About Cedars Cancer Foundation:

Situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Cedars Cancer Foundation has been leading the way in charitable

donations for over 50 years. Cedars Cancer Foundation is a hospital-based charity whose mission is to

support comprehensive cancer care for all cancer patients – paediatric, adolescent and young adult (AYA),

adults and those in palliative care – who are being treated at the MUHC.

Cedars Cancer Foundation provides a range of free services and support programs to look after the minds,

bodies and spirits of cancer patients.

Through the proceeds that Cedars Cancer Foundation raises through their fundraising events, as well as

corporate and individual donations, major gifts, planned giving, special events and dedicated funds, we are

able to:

  • Support exceptional care – prevention, diagnosis and treatment, post treatment, supportive care and palliative care – for the youngest paediatric patients to adolescents and adults
  • Purchase state-of-the-art equipment
  • Fund patient-support programs such as Cedars CanSupport (, The Cedars BreastClinic, Psycho- Social Oncology and Survivorship Programs
  • Build and sustain awareness of cancer-related issues
  • Invest in cancer research, patient education and professional training

Please visit in the goal of supporting their overall purpose.

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