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Writing Your CV

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Writing Your CV

Imagine this. You see a position that fits your profile with such accuracy that you feel this sense of excitement. We all know that feeling of “this is the job for me”. You apply to the role and time passes. One week, two weeks, three weeks. What happened? Was your confidence overestimated or is there another issue? You seek out expert advice and you’re told that your curriculum-vitae needs some serious work. Writing your cv is easier than expected.

The Important Information:

We’re going to discuss what should be included in a cv and when we call it a day. The key: keep it relevant to the role you’re applying for.

First things first, after including your name and general title you’ll write a self-summary. This summary basically explains to the hiring manager what you’re seeking from the job and briefly lists your key qualities. Make sure that you do not exceed fives lines.

Secondly, you’ll list your recent work experiences. Remember, what the hiring manager wants to see is how you’re fit for the role. List the noteworthy responsibilities and duties most relevant to the role you’re applying for. Keep it to a maximum of seven points for the most recent work experiences. Do not list work experience that resulted in a short tenure. If you have a gap, be ready to explain the reason for it.

Moving forward, education must be included. This is one of those elements that hold a resume together. In other words, I would consider this the backbone of your build. Your resume should not exceed two pages, unless you’re applying to a role that requires proof of research.

Finally, after your education, you’ll want to include your skills. Skills can include technical, soft, or hard. Some resumes include a level of proficiency. Providing proficiency levels is optional (unless it’s language skills), I believe these provide greater insight and the viewer will appreciate it.

Keep In Mind:

When writing your cv, it is a reflection of who you are. Some people prefer to include some outstanding achievements; such as awards, educational feats, sports, and other aspects that provide a full picture of who you are.

All done? The next step is to explore our careers.

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