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All candidates will undergo a process to ensure that we best match your talents with our employers. The process is created to produce the most efficient and reliable method for our candidates to experience their true worth.

Candidate Selection Process:

Step 1

Provide documents for job posting:

  • Attach curriculum vitae
  • Educational documents, degrees and certificates
  • Fill out required job-specific online information
  • Fill out and sign onsite (background papers)

Step 2

  • The candidate will be contacted for a brief phone interview
  • Based on previous assessments, candidate will receive interview on location.
  • The candidate will be asked questions based on core competencies.
  • Based on the results of those questions the candidate will receive an answer within the next week.

Step 3

Depending on the job position a series of tests will be conducted to determine the level of your skills, knowledge, abilities and profile:

  • Language skills
  • Psychometric evaluation

Step 4

Client recruitment process:

  • If the candidate is successful throughout all the above steps they will be invited for an interview with the client we are representing at which time they will be informed of coming steps.
  • If the candidate is not selected for the this particular client they can continue to submit their CV for further listings and will also automatically be considered for positions we are working on.

Step 5

Client interview feedback:

  • Candidates retained by client will be informed of following steps.
  • Candidates not selected by client will remain in talent pool.

Step 6

Final Decision:

Once the client has selected the candidate for the position…

  • References and background checks
  • Presentation of client offer to candidate
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