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We offer different Recruitment strategies and packages to cater to and achieve your business targets. We encourage our clients to explore our suggested Recruitment solutions, to better understand the diverse services we offer. Moreover, we can customize our Recruitment strategies to ensure we achieve your desired results and achieve your People Vision while respecting your budget.

Recruitment Match:

Talent 300 will use its resources and experience to identify candidates via confidential advertising, networking, and mining our internal candidates. Further, candidates will be interviewed, assessed, and selected for presentation to the employer. Moreover, references are integrated in all our Recruitment packages as are background checks as per Employer policy and requirements. Talent 300 will liaise with candidates during the recruitment process and will ensure a professional experience. In addition, recruitment Match is a contingency service offering.

Executive Search:

We partner with the employer and offer a retained service, this will supplement our “Recruitment Match” service with proactive headhunting, and psychometric assessments. Our Executive Search service provides a detailed understanding of the core elements of the position and conduct a thorough search.

Scouting & Sourcing:

Establishing a long-term partnership with the Employer to provide a continuous flow of candidates in key or core positions, this retained mandate is designed to recruit multiple same-profile Talent. Therefore, sourcing initiatives may include advertising, networking, headhunting, special events as well as organizing and/or attending Career Fairs at the New Graduate level as well as specialized and corporate Career Fairs and international recruitment. This service can be customized to add the “Recruitment Match” or the “Executive Search” service. The fee schedule allows for a reduced rate as the number of hires increases.

Platinum 300:

A Strategic retained search for the right “person” or “core employee group”. We design Employee Value Proposition to strategically create a strong People Brand for your Organization. Built around attributes which genuinely reflect your Brand this will prepare you for external attraction campaigns as well as internal employee programs. for attracting, engaging and retaining top Talent. This offer, in addition to the Employee Value Proposition “EVP”, customizes the Talent Acquisition mandate, and can include every service available in the aforementioned packages.

Employer Experiences:


“An extremely efficient, professional, and thorough service… provided an impressive network of candidates” – Manager

Medical Practice:

“The process is extremely organized and TALENT 300 has filled key positions in several locations throughout Canada” HR Director


“When working with TALENT 300 you feel like a true partner and their passion is real.” – HR Director


“Working with the TALENT 300 team was a true pleasure, it’s a recruitment process that you can depend on.” – HR Advisor

We encourage you to explore our Talent Management and Inclusion & Diversity Strategies.

Interested in pursuing a recruitment strategy? Fill out our Talent Request form and one of our Directors will contact you within 24 hours.

Note: All packages are suitable for customization and can be tailored to your specifications. 

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