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Talent Management

Talent Blueprint: We design a Blueprint that will create your People Brand through initiatives and programs that impact the Employee Lifecycle.

Employee Value Proposition “EVP” and Branding: The EVP showcases attributes that are genuine and unique to your organization. The EVP is meant to attract, engage and retain Talent that you need and want to be a part of your vision. We offer our expertise in building a strong employer brand with programs and tools which will ensure the characteristics of your EVP will be reflected in your corporate and employer brands, and to set up strategic HR priorities to help drive your overall strategies forward.

Organizing and attending Networking and Sourcing Events: We can organize and host external and on-site events to showcase your organization’s wants, needs, and growth potential.

Talent Acquisition Process Creation or Revamp: Based on your business needs we devise a Talent acquisition process and implement sustainable initiatives that will prepare your business to attract and recruit the right Talent for your strategic objectives.

On Boarding and Integration: A strategic program designed to immerse your new employee into your corporate culture, vision, and values. The onboarding process begins at the first stage of recruitment. These processes and tools increase new hire retention and employee engagement fosters a sense of allegiance ultimately increasing employee performance and purpose.

Performance Management: We can design and implement a sustainable performance management program to enable your organization to reach its strategic goals by engaging their employees via an open feedback/reward program that will motivate & inspire them to reach their full potential.

Succession Planning: This is a process that identifies top Talent within your organization, having the potential and motivation to rise through the ranks in leadership roles. We will design a process that not only identifies the high potential employees but offers programs in order to prepare this critical Talent for future employer ambitions.

On-Demand Services: We can tailor our services for a special request in the Talent Management Scope.

Note: Our service offers are available as long-term customized projects or as a consulting mandate please contact or call 514-360-6967 for any inquiries.

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