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Talent Acquisition Event Preparation

Talent Acquisition is an indication of a company’s success and growth. Hiring signifies that the organization is growing and expanding their brand. An effective method to communicate the brand’s image, the brand’s mission and vision, is to hold events. In addition, these events can be held in several different formats and we will discuss each. TALENT 300 has hosted and participated in several events; organized with Universities and Employers with the goal of educating the dynamic talent pool. Above all, proper talent acquisition event preparation is crucial for a successful execution.

Organizing the Checklist:

First and foremost, determining your desired talent audience is ideal at the beginning. Who are you targeting (new-grads, open-scope, veterans, etc.)? Secondly, how will you be hosting your event (networking, career fairs, diversity events, etc.)? Choosing a venue is extremely important. The size, location (convenience), and style must be aligned with the event goals. Finally, the date and time best aligned with the organization’s schedule and candidate target audience’s schedule (determined through research). Most importantly, who, from the organization will take part in the event? Above all, it’s recommended that you invite managers and employees who best represent the company values to communicate the positive brand image.

Targeting your desired Talent:

Targeting talent can be tricky and extensive. The team responsible for organizing the event must coordinate with the organization’s managers and talent acquisitions experts to determine where the highest needs are. Or, perhaps, the organization prefers hiring a completely new profile, nonetheless, profiles of the desired audience must be distinguished. Certainly, this will facilitate the process of creating the event and activities. Imagine for a moment, that your target audience is new grads with a programming background, you may decide to host a virtual event versus a face-to-face event due to the nature of audience’s profile.

Involved Costs:

Costs can fluctuate depending on the event. The typical costs include; staff pay, venue, operational costs, pre-event preparation costs, security, cleaning crews, transportation and other hidden costs. In other words, be sure to consider all costs related to the style of event.

Overall, considering all these elements is crucial towards a successful event and precise talent acquisition event preparation. Therefore, whether it be in-house, in a rental facility, or done virtually, the event and activities must resonate with the audience. Additionally, the event will reflect the corporate brand and will reinforce the audience’s brand perception. Ultimately, the goal is to win the best talent and portray a positive brand image.

Upcoming job fairs: Quebec/Ontario

Visit Montreal:

The National Job Fair Montreal: October 14/15, 2021

Visit Ontario:

Ottawa Job Fair:  January 25th, 2021. March 10th, 2021. April 28th, 2021. June 2nd, 2021. July 22nd, 2021.



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