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FR Leadership and Talent

Within an organization lie two very important components; leadership and talent. According to Jim Collins in his book Good to Great, a company can only survive with the proper leadership and the appropriate talent for each department. Leaders are expected to make the most difficult decisions within the company regarding their employees and the employee life cycle, decisions which at times mean hiring a new team member, i.e., talent acquisition, and at others ending the employment relationship with those not performing as required to the business’s talent level.
Recruiting the ideal candidate to fit the job description is fundamentally crucial for a leader as it is TALENT that ties everything together.
Equally important as the individual’s technical/professional designation and experience in ensuring a candidate’s ability to perform and successfully engage are the alignment of one’s values and interests to the corporate culture and the individual’s match to the corporate competencies.
Finally, with a candidate being perfectly matched to the role, a clear understanding of purpose within the organization will encourage the necessary engagement for greater productivity.


  • Communicate the corporate vision, mission, and objectives clearly to your team.
  • Link your team’s objectives to the corporation’s objectives.
  • Draw a direct line for each individual’s role and objectives to the corporation’s mission, goals and results thus giving purpose to the employee and fostering ownership.
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