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The below information describes TALENT 300’s current privacy policy. These details can be updated at any time and all updates will be communicated via email. We recommend reviewing the Privacy Policy prior to submitting any personal information.

Information Collected:

  • Information with regard to visits to our website including but not limited to, geographical location, contact information, referral source, length of visit, and website navigation.
  • Information relating to any business activity (including but not limited to, contact information, company name, business email, business phone number, employment details, employment title, employment status, employment function)
  • Information provided for the strict purpose of engaging with us
  • Information provided to us is strictly for the purpose of our offered services and emails
  • Any other information disclosed by client

Storing and Sharing Data:

The data acquired will be treated with security via private servers by us and through our affiliates and partners. Personal information such as but not limited to, name, address, curriculum vitae, may be shared for the purpose of our services (recruitment).

Corporate Affiliates:

Business information such as and not limited to email, phone number, organizational title, and company name will be held in confidentiality and we will take the proper steps to prevent unauthorized users’ access to this information.  This information is held solely when it is received on a professional basis.

Remarketing and Re-engagement:

  • At times, TALENT 300 Inc. will use cookies received to remarket services. Remarketing targets users that have engaged with a specific landing page or form from an advertisement on Google or any of Google’s search partners.
  • Google will show TALENT 300 Inc. ads via Google’s Search Partners Network. These websites include any websites that Google is affiliated with. They will only show when keywords are relevant to TALENT 300 Inc. services.
  • Cookies are used to acquire data on a specific user engaging with a website. This data is used to give insight to TALENT 300 Inc. Cookies can be cleared by going to Google Chrome settings > clear browsing data > select cookies and other site data > clear data. Additionally, as a user, you have the right to opt-out at any time.

Your Rights:

It is within your rights to review this document. Should you feel that it requires adjustments or updating you are free to contact us via email, phone, or mail. We will accommodate to those inquiries as soon as they are received and noted. Should you require access to any of your personal data, this data will be provided. We may ask that you provide proof of identity through the means of a government ID. All personal data is subject to dismissal after one-hundred eighty days (180) of reception.

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