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Employee Value Proposition – Explained

Imagine for a moment, this situation becoming reality. An organization hosted a hiring event, displayed their brand as an employer, impressed the potential employee and shined again to reveal their company culture and overall promise to their employees. This should…

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Internships – The Importance

Internships are extremely important for students and aspiring professionals. We live in a society and workforce where experience is of top requirements. Every year, newly graduated students enter the workforce… or do they? It has been advised by the government,…

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Change – What are You Afraid of?

In the world of work, we all have our goals and aspirations. Whether it be to eventually reach a top executive role, running large teams or creating a product that will expand to an international scale. How do we get…

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Employee Engagement – What is it and why does it matter?

Employee engagement is extremely important for an organization’s success. An organization’s product or service will only bring the company’s success to a certain point. To lay it out simply, without happy employees, the potential for success is limited. Employee engagement…

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